Diverse Group of Teens with school supplies

Transforming Special Education with Empowerment, Systems Improvement & Measurable Results

Breaking the cycle of mediocrity in Special Education with expert consultants dedicated to improving outcomes for students with disabilities through systematic and evidence-based continuous improvement practices.

Diverse Group of Teens with school supplies
Diverse Group of Teens with school supplies
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Break Free of the Special Education Status Quo

Expert Special Education consultants bringing comprehensive Special Education services to districts, parents, and students. Lower costs, increase consistency and change education outcomes for the kids who need it most.

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Special Education Consultants

A New Approach

Schools and Networks have skill gaps when it comes to Special Education. The truth is that most Special Education leaders have a 2-3 year tenure, making it impossible for a school to build success and consistency over time. Plus, those individuals are rarely a complete package and it is incredibly difficult to excel at every facet of Special Education. It’s a complicated beast of technical knowledge, leadership competencies, and the ability to navigate legal and parent challenges. We understand.

At Project IDEA our innovative approach to Special Education offers expertise across a range of needs including highly experienced specialized consultants in specially designed instruction, Special Education team systems and data, projects, and more.

This is a unique offering as it can be provided across one school or network of schools. This embeds stability in Special Education quality of service for teachers and students, reducing teacher turnover and ensuring strong student outcomes.

Through this new model, Project IDEA completely replaces entire positions or pieces of positions and saves schools money and time by providing expertise on a consultant basis, consistent access, and excellence in all areas of Special Education.

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Focus on the science of continuous improvement:

What Districts, parents and kids need now

If you ask traditional district admins what they think when they consider Special Education in their school district, you might be surprised to hear that they aren’t familiar with many of the details– Special Education is a black box of inefficiency and ineffectiveness because of how complicated the system is and because Special Education has long been seen as “too big a problem to solve,” there’s little effort to change the status quo.

This gives a stigma to Special Education and the pressure on teachers and admins often leads to high turnover and burnout.

At Project IDEA, we want to make it easier for districts to invest in Special Education. Our mission is to help districts limit legal risk, inconsistency, and exposure by creating standards and processes that help clarify how to “do” Special Education in a way that benefits the district, the parents of children with special needs, and most importantly, the kids themselves.

Our consultants help districts change expectations with clear processes that support teachers understanding how to do their job in a legally defensible way that will also increase the likelihood of effective plans and equity for students. For Districts, they have solid documentation when the complaints roll in.

What makes our approach different

Parents and Schools are PARTNERS

Our Values


We understand the intersection of racism and ableism. We are on our own journeys to confront white supremacy, bias, and white fragility and this is at the center of our work.


Nothing we do compromises our commitment to doing right by students with disabilities.


Accomplishing our goals comes from the way we do the work together.

Passionate Creativity

We leverage our own strengths, appreciate our own neurodiversity, and seek out-of-the-box solutions.

Evidence Driven

What fuels us is what works.


We do what it takes to tackle education’s most challenging problems.


About Us

Project IDEA is a boutique consulting firm that provides customized solutions to bring excellence in Special Education to schools, districts, and families.

We become part of your organization and culture while also providing excellence and expertise from multiple external partners to address every area of need in Special Education and beyond.

There is a dearth of talent and people in Special Education, a national shortage combined with widespread inexperience. With Project IDEA, you get a leadership team of people that have led networks in strategic planning, change management, and people development combined with years of district Special Education administration experience focusing on legal cases and navigating the functions of being the Local Education Agent (LEA).

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Then, in addition, you get expert practitioners in every domain that have deep expertise in their field to support and deeply understand all of the unique facets of any student. This includes psychologists, former principals, general educators, BCBAs, and other disability-specific experts. This level of expertise ensures that we can support any level of student need and turn stagnating progress across individuals or groups of students into meaningful, demonstrable growth.

Together, we have a complete package and the ability to provide customized solutions seamlessly as part of long and short-term strategy.  

We are also unapologetic in our commitment to ensuring our daily work is antiracist. We see the intersection of racism and disability playing out in schools and a core part of our mission is to disrupt that system through continued learning and examination of our white privilege, bias, and fragility for our white staff and through amplifying the voices of BIPOC staff.

Our goal as an organization is to build the capacity of our clients. Each year, our success is indicated by our ability to release certain supports — with the ability to flex, increase, and adapt as your network’s needs evolve.

We know the landscape, we know how to get results, and we understand intimately the needs of our partners.

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